Silver Cleaning and Care Advice


How to Clean Silver


Don’t let your silver goods lose their sparkle by following our practical advice and using our excellent silver cleaning products, which can be found on our Silver Cleaning page.

A simple wipe with a silver cloth every two to three weeks should be enough to keep your silverware in good condition.

After a period of time you might find some tarnishing on your silverware, which is simply removed by using one of the cleaning products available from exoticsilver.co.uk. This process should only be required twice a year depending on the conditions your silverware is stored.


To keep your silver cutlery in great condition, try to follow these straightforward guidelines:

1) Don’t leave your silver cutlery to soak or store in damp conditions.

2) Keep your silver cutlery in a cabinet or a cutlery roll.

3) Rinse or wash cutlery immediately after use. Do not leave your silver cutlery with food on it for a lengthy amount of time, as this can lead to marks and stains.

4) Do not use abrasive polishes.

Hand Washing Cutlery

When hand washing your cutlery only use domestic washing up liquid and warm water, then dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.

Dishwashing Cutlery

When dishwashing your cutlery items always follow your manufacturer’s instructions to prevent any damage and ensure your items stay in good condition.

Place your knives with their blades facing down and keep them separate from your silver spoons and forks. It is also important that you remember not to use the rinse and hold cycle. Remove your silverware after the cleaning cycle and then dry with a cloth.

Sterling Silver and Silver Plated Items

After a period of time your silverware may become tarnished, which is easily fixed with a good quality polish and soft cloth. At exoticsilver.co.uk we have a range of silver cleaning products, which can be found on our Silver Cleaning page. Always wash your silver cutlery after polishing it. You can also prevent any damage by storing your cutlery in one of our cutlery rolls.

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